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What is CONNECT?

CONNECT focuses on the following themes throughout the academic year in collaboration with other university faculty and departments. It is the ideal community for students who are new to UNCG, but not to college.

Watch a video by Connect students.

Living together in Spartan Village: Lee Hall

CONNECT is designed to assist new transfer students in merging with the UNCG community for a successful transition academically and socially.

Eligible Students

  • CONNECT is open to new transfer students with 24+ credit hrs (transfer students who will enter at a first year to second year status are strongly encouraged to apply).

Opportunities & Benefits

  • Regular and ongoing academic, social, career and leadership development opportunities to help gain skills to succeed at UNCG while also developing skills in preparation for life post-graduation
  • Live with other transfer students—the community has an entire floor in Spartan Village, apartment housing option at UNCG, where you will live and learn next to students with a common factor—all of you are new to UNCG
  • Dedicated staff who are committed to your success.
  • Specific events and field trips

Your Commitment

  • Attend and engage in weekly community learning sessions and gatherings
  • Participate in CONNECT programs and opportunities
  • Meet regularly with a staff member to check in on your transition in to UNCG
  • Engage in and contribute to an academic and social environment with the community

Community Staff

  • Coordinator of Residence Life (CRL), a full-time professional staff member responsible for overall building management and student life of Spartan Village.
  • Assistant Coordinator for Residence Life (ACRL), a graduate student assistant with primary responsibility for the community.
  • Resident Advisor (RA), undergraduate student employee and leader for each residence hall floor and community.

How to Apply

Need help using Artemis to apply for Connect? Please follow along with the video below: