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Artemis will be down for maintenance from Friday November 5th to Friday November 12th.

The Spring 2022 Housing application will be available after November 12th. The following processes are available.


COVID Testing Information

Housing Cancellation

Want to cancel your assignment for the Spring 2022 semester and are eligible to do so?

If so, complete the form below. You must remove all your belonging by December 10th (or after your last exam) and then go to the HRL office in Ragsdale/Mendenhall to return your key.

Winter Break Housing Request Form

Based on current University guidance, we will keep a limited number of residence hall spaces open for those who do not have any practical alternative during the break between Fall 2021 semester and Spring 2022 semester. Only students who secure an exception from Housing will be allowed to remain on campus. Requests for exceptions will be submitted below, starting October 1st and must be requested by November 15th. Decisions on emergency break housing will be made as soon as possible. Students who receive emergency break housing in all halls except Spartan Village, Lofts on Lee, and Spring Garden will be moved to Tower Village for the break period.

Students living in Spartan Village, Lofts on Lee, and Spring Garden will be charged $250.
All other students living in other halls who are relocated to Tower Village will be charged $500.
Charges will be placed on the student account after February 1, 2022

Students who are NOT Fully Vaccinated will have to submit a negative Covid-19 PCR-RT test result administered during the weeks of December 6-10, December 13- 17, December 20 – 23, and December 27 -31. There will be limited testing on campus during the break period so you will have to get a test in the community and submit through ARTEMIS. Failure to submit a testing result each week will result in the suspension of access to your break housing assignment.

Room Change Information

  • 2021-2022 Room Swap

    Room Swap (January 4-12)
    The Room Swap form allows you to find a room you want on a spreadsheet that includes other students who want to change rooms. If they want your room in return, you can do a room swap. To start the process, Complete the Room Swap Form above.

    If you are able to find someone with a room space that you would like to swap, both of you must come together to the HRL office in Ragsdale/Mendenhall to swap keys and process the swap. Once the room swap has been processed and the keys swapped, you will have to work together to swap your belongings as you will only have access to your new key once the room swap has been processed.

  • 2021-2022 Roommate Pull-In

    Roommate Pull-in (January 4-11):
    If you have a vacancy in your room or apartment and you know someone who wants to fill the space, both of you will go to the HRL office in Ragsdale/Mendenhall and the student being pulled-in will be able to begin the move to the new space.

    All room changes for Roommate Pull-in must be completed by 9am on January 11th.

  • 2021-2022 Room Change Request

    Room Swap (January 4-12)
    Open Room Change (January 4-21)
    To sign-up for open room change, complete the form above by 12pm on January 12.

    By 9am on January 13, Room Change Offers will be sent via UNCG email.

    Students offered will have until 4pm on January 13 to accept room change offer. Once room change is accepted, the room change will be prepared.

    Accepted room changes will start when the students pick up their new room keys between 9am and 4pm on January 14. And those students must complete their room change by returning their old key by 9am on January 18.

    Between January 19 and January 21, students come to the HRL office in Ragsdale/Mendenhall to initiate a Room Change depending on available spaces.

    After January 21, students will have to work with their RAs and CRLs to initiate a room change.