We are committed to providing accommodations that offer the best fit possible. If you have a unique need, please let us know, using the 2021-22 Request for Special Housing Accommodation Form, available during the housing application period.


If you need special housing accommodation, here’s what you can find in the residence halls. In general, these rooms fall in two categories:

1) Fully-loaded mobility rooms, including combinations of the following services:

  • Push Pads
  • Door Bell buttons
  • Door strobes
  • Automatic doors
  • Card readers instead of keys
  • Fire strobes
  • Roll-in showers
  • Lowered counters
  • Mass notification strobes
  • Elevator access
  • Laundry and kitchen accessibility

2) Rooms that offer services for deaf students, including combinations of the following services:

  • Door Bell buttons
  • Fire alarm strobes
  • Mass notification strobes
  • Door strobes
3) Emotional Support Animal (ESA)
To get a special housing accommodation for an Emotional Support Animal, you need to do the following:

  1. Register with OARS
  2. Provide documentation supporting your request for a special housing accommodation to OARS
  3. Complete the 2021-22 Request for Special Housing Accommodation Form.If you are approved for an ESA. You will be invited to a meeting to review and sign the ESA agreement. After that meeting, you will be allowed to bring the ESA to your room.

We don’t have as many SHA needs as we have rooms with SHA features. If you find that you are assigned to an SHA room, but you don’t need these services, certain features will be there, but will not be activated. (i.e. strobes will never flash.)


UNCG has a diverse international community that includes students and faculty from all across the globe. The location of the International House for 2021-2022 will be posted on this web page on March 1, 2021. The International House is the perfect situation for students from other countries to be with others in the same situation, while meeting American students who also live there.

Students who want to live campus need to apply in ARTEMIS beginning on March 1, 2021.

International Festival


In Phillips/Hawkins,, Moore/Strong, and Reynolds.

The special rate per student is $2,450/semester

Temporary rooms are converted community rooms in Phillips/Hawkins, Moore/Strong, and Reynolds. Typically, four students are assigned together until a permanent room becomes available. The amount of time a student spends in a temporary room varies.

Following are photos of some typical common room layouts.


INTERLINK Language Centers offer intensive English instruction, academic preparation, and cross-cultural orientation for students, scholars, and professionals on a year-round basis. The program prepares students for challenging careers, and provides the tools and skills needed to achieve success in the 21st century. Upon graduation, many students go on to study in academic programs at UNCG or other area universities. A member of the Interlink office contacts the housing office at the start of each Interlink session with the number of students requiring housing. These students are assigned to a temporary/community room in Phillips/Hawkins for one week. This gives the students a chance to decide if they would like to continue to live on campus or to move off campus. If the Interlink student decides to stay on campus, they are moved to a permanent assignment.

Interlink students


HRL is committed to working to meet the housing needs of all residential students by providing a nurturing community that values diversity and promotes the dignity of all community members.

If you have special housing needs based on gender identity or gender expression, please contact Guy Sanders (gmsander@uncg.edu or 336.334.5636) when applying for campus housing to discuss your specific needs.

Shown is one of many private, gender neutral bathrooms available in the residence halls. (This one is located in Reynolds.)

Transgender bathroom

Premium double rooms with a private bathroom

The special rate per student is $6,586/year, or $3293.00/semester

Ragsdale-Mendenhall, South Spencer and North Spencer have a limited number of double rooms with a private bathroom.